The Model

Centers for Working Families (CWF) improve the financial bottom line for low-income families by helping people boost earnings, reduce expenses, and build savings. The key to CWF’s success is that a range of financial, employment, and income support services are integrated, all in one place, and are given through personalized, one-on-one coaching.

 Integrating or “Bundling” Multiple Services

For a family to go from barely scraping by to having money left over, they need to work to increase earnings, reduce spending, and build credit more or less at the same time. Therefore, CWF coaches encourage participants to utilize two or more services together which better address the complex issues facing struggling households. Unlike programs which treat services as separate enrollment activities in siloed departments, CWF integrates and delivers services to participants within one seamless plan.

Check out the Integrated Service Delivery website to learn more about this model and the other institutions using this model across the country to help families reach financial freedom.

Coaching MethodFinancial Stability Pathway

Coaches act as personal advisors to empower participants to identify their own vision of success and help them develop a concrete plan for how to get there.

Building long-term, trusting relationships solidifies a partnership where families know there is someone by their side as they solve challenges, remove barriers, and progress on the pathway towards financial stability.


Special Announcement

Join us in celebrating the growth of the CWF Network through a new partnership and a new CWF site.

When: July 11th at 10:00 am

Where: Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (8901 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis)

Centers for Working Families make a difference in peoples’ lives every day

From 2011-2013…

852 people have found employment

779 people are enrolled in training and education programs

268 people increased their credit scores