Earn It – Increase Income

For families to climb the economic ladder, they need enough income to fully support their households. Not only do people need to find jobs, they need to find good jobs so they can build savings to weather a crisis, buy a home, or send their children to college.



Get and Keep a Job

Employment coaches connect participants to job leads and equip them with the job search skills (resumes, interview techniques) needed to secure employment. Participants have access to job readiness workshops and computer classes. Employment coaches also provide job retention services helping participants maintain employment by removing barriers (transportation, childcare) and providing advice on advancement methods.

Gain Skills and Build a Career

Skill advancement is key for families to escape the cycle of low wage jobs and earn family-sustaining wages. Employment coaches help participants identify ways to increase their earnings through education attainment and career planning – participants identify training opportunities, enroll in school, and access the financial supports needed to complete courses successfully. CWF also offers ESL classes, GED preparation, and other adult basic learning courses.

Access Income Supports

In most cases, a job is not enough to make ends meet. As a consequence of low wage employment, families face a gap between what they can earn and the costs of basic living expenses. Income supports such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, or utility and rent assistance help families close the income gap so they are stable enough to work on job advancement opportunities.


Special Announcement

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Centers for Working Families make a difference in peoples’ lives every day

From 2011-2013…

852 people have found employment

779 people are enrolled in training and education programs

268 people increased their credit scores